Tiberias Times

Date Event
Rekkath – One of the earliest Jewish settlements – Joshua 19:35
44 BCE Roman procurator placed over town
20 CE  Tiberias founded by Herod Antipas son of Herod
50 Josephus Flavius calls springs Emmaus
 50  Annexed by Herod Agrippa II
70 Flavius surrendered the city to the Roman Emperor Vespasian
133-135 Economic decline during Bar Kokhba revolt
145  Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai cleanses the city
150  The Sanhedrin Jewish court fled from Jerusalem
200  Mishnah compiled by Rabbi Judah haNasi
279 Sanhedrin’s final meeting place.
631 Final revolt against Byzantine Empire
634 Byzantine army return to Tiberias
635 Arabs conquer Tiberius
636 Reginal capitol later replaced by Bet Shean
749  Tiberias revitalised after Bet Shean
1204 Rambam buried in Tiberias.
1265 Crusaders were driven from the city by the Mamluks
1558 Doña Gracia granted tax collecting rights
1561 Joseph Nasi encouraged Jews to settle in Tiberias.
1628  Fakhr-al-Din II as Lord of Arabistan Druze
1727 Bedouin leader fortifies town
1740 Rabbi Haim Abulafi and Rabbi of Izmir rebuild the city
1775 Ahmed el-Jazzar ‘the Butcher’ brought peace to region
1837  Devastated by the 1837 Galilee earthquake
1842 4 000 inhabitants and three synagogues
1845 David Watt Torrance  opened a mission hospital
1938 Great flood causes major damage
1949 Major redevelopment